Wednesday, January 23, 2008

If it was a snake...

Some lessons you learn over, and over, and over again. You'd think I'd finally get it...

I spent several years away from my art, using it only as an occasional diversion. Then, as the result of a very difficult time in my life, I came back to it only knowing I needed to open the door again, but not knowing what that would look like. So I cast about for a while trying to figure out how things should manifest and what kind of art I should do -- all the while sitting quite squarely in my head instead of my heart. And behind it all I knew I really love collage but figuring it just wasn't cool and "real art" enough. I can be such a snob sometimes.

Then, "for fun" I took a one-day collage class through the community college extension program and a choir of angels was heard. OK, not really. But I had a blast and came out of the class incredibly inspired and fired up. I realized what I had been looking for was there all the time. Right in front of my face. And in my heart. Same old lesson again and again.

Here's the piece that came out of that first class, constructed from elements provided by the instructor. My style has definitely evolved and come into it's own since this was done, but this one is very important to me. What started as an instructional exercise became a personal affirmation on how to move forward on my artistic journey -- and through life in general.

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Shawna said...

Zippidy doo dah, girl. How DID I miss a post?!?

This image is awesome. It reminds me of my mom. Her birthday is next week, and I got her something far less poetic and wonderful.

If she was your mom, you'd have made this, and it would have garnered you many, many tears--and serious bonus points, which if you were me, you'd need.

She puts up with a lot.

Okay. That was all about your beautiful art. Now, I'll read about snakes. Are you a fellow snake, chinese astrologically speaking? I can't remember.

I'm a wood snake. "Vain and high strung." Yes. And. Yes.