Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Outing the Artist...

OK, OK... here's the deal. People are asking when I'm going to post more entries and art. I seem to have a billion excuses, including lack of scanner access for my bigger pieces. The truth is, coming out of the art closet is not easy. The point of this blog is to share my art and my process, which is a big step since I am most comfortable operating in stealth mode. It's a long, personal story, but there have been several incredible people who continue to support and encourage me in the process of reclaiming my art. One of them is my gypsy-pirate friend, Shawna, so here's a little something I did for her.

I've learned so much from watching her live her life and she seems to be my personal cheerleader no matter what I do! In fact, she's partly responsible for the name of this blog. When she announced she was moving out of Northern California -- again -- I couldn't let her leave the state without a small piece of art from me and my wishes for joy on her journey and the many gifts life brings.

Joy for Shawna is completely right-brained and only makes sense to me if I don't try to make sense of it. This is a small piece, just 4X6, on canvas board, with acrylic paint and medium, blue tulle (in honor of the tulle queen herself), clip art illustrations, and comic book excerpts.

So the closet door has been opened just a wee bit here, but I'm looking forward to seeing sunlight soon.


Rebecca said...

Lisa, wow. So I just wrote a comment, and it seems to have fizzled out into cyberspace. If I end up posting twice, you'll just know I'm that excited for you.

Thank you for sharing your art, your vision, your heart. In the 25 years (yes, it's been that long!) that I've been witness to your journey, I've seen you keep your artist-self alive in so many ways. Now, by lifting (bird-like, of course) out of stealth mode and spreading your wings for all of us, you're offering such a gift to the world.

And to me, in particular, I must say, since keeping that flame alive is such a struggle in the durm and strang.

Thanks be to Shawna for her inspiration to you...I've got to meet this girl some day.

Now I just have to check out the Karmic Goddesss...

Shawna said...

Go, girl, go!

Look! My art collection is featured on your site. Thanks for the kudos, natch, but really, you are just too good to keep to myself ... and our Ms. Rebecca agrees.

Nice to meet you Rebecca!!!

Also, having read your post, it occurs to me that coming out of the closet is going to help your young, genius girlchild with her bursting forth from the sidelines.

I'm so very proud to know both of you.

xoxo, Shawanda