Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Card 2008

Holiday greetings!

As they say, everything is always changing, and we are announcing a change to the way we’ll be sharing our annual holiday card. In an effort to conserve both personal and global resources, this is the last year we'll be sending out paper, hard-copy Sloane-Ochoa original holiday cards.

But we’re not going away! We still want to share our original creations and best wishes with folks so, starting in 2009, we will be sending our holiday card via email and also posting it for viewing online.

That gives you a whole year to make sure we have your email address! You can send it to us at:

Reducing our footprint, one step at a time!
Another Sloane~Ochoa Original
© 2008


Chris said...

I was just surfing random blogs and saw this x-mas card. Beautiful!

Lisa Sloane said...

Wow! Thanks so much!