Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year-end musings

Quite frankly - I'm glad to see this year come to a close. It's not been an easy one - but it has been heeeeeyuuuuge on the personal growth front. In an attempt to get my head around stuff, here are some things that have happened or I have learned in the past year:
  • I lost my best friend-sister-cousin to cancer

  • I was able to really step up for her when she was sick. (I am extremely grateful for the generosity and caring from my employers during that time.)

  • The grieving process is lot like the Grand Canyon. You can't really appreciate the imensity, scope, and vastness of it until your standing in front of it.

  • I lost a bunch of weight. No, this was not stress-related. This was a very conscious, present process.

  • I am redefining who I am and my place in the world and chagrined to face my own judgements about fat and thin.

  • I am continuing to find my own voice in my artwork and discovered that I just may actually have some talent.

  • Nature - and life in general - can be messy, smelly, gorey, ugly, brutal, and in your face. And - it's not personal!

  • For the most part I actually like my job.

  • Although I started out this year a bit afraid of him, I think I understand Coyote a little better than before.

  • Tatiana rocks!

  • Life really is what happens when your busy making other plans.

  • Everything is always changing.

  • Skeletons aren't as scary as they used to be - especially when teaching you to surf.

  • It's really OK to f-ck up. Really. It's OK.

  • It is quite possible that rules really were made to be broken. Especially the ones in your head.

  • These last two are intrinsically connected.

  • Nothing is ever all good or all bad. Nothings is ever written in stone. There are no absolutes.

  • Sometimes it's really best to say nothing at all.

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Margaret Hangan said...

Amen sister. I also really enjoyed all of your posted pieces. Thanks for shareing them with the world.